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2012 - 2017

Algemene doelstelling van het catfish poject
Kweken van de vis meerval voor eigen gebruik en plaatselijke handel, om de boeren meer onafhankelijk te maken door het verkrijgen van een inkomen.

Fish farming in Nigeria to get help from Netherlands
Nutreco N.V. and Oxfam Novib have partnered in Nigeria to launch a one-year pilot project to promote sustainable and inclusive fish farming for smallholder farmers.

The project aims for higher productivity and better income for fish farmers.

Aquaculture is a growing business in Nigeria and there is big domestic market for catfish, which is a very popular dish in Nigeria. As of now, most of the fish is imported but the Nigerian government wants to encourage domestic production. This project supports small-scale fish farmers to increase their per pond yield of fish and to produce the fish in an environmentally friendly way.

Oxfam Novib, Dutch affiliate of Oxfam, has previously worked with cocoa farmers in Nigeria and is undertaking this project on the back of its previous success.

Referring to the cocoa project, Farah Karimi, executive director at Oxfam Novib, said, “The project with Nutreco has the same potential: helping small farmers, especially women, to take a step towards a sustainable livelihood. This will lead to higher productivity and a better income for the fish farmers with the added benefit of more sustainable production methods. I am very happy with our cooperation. Nutreco is showing its responsibility for a better future for the people and the environment in Nigeria.”

Nutreco N.V. is a Dutch producer of animal and fish feed and processed meat products. Nutreco is an important player in the Nigerian fish feed market and has its own production facility in a joint-venture with local fish feed supplier Durante.

Speaking about the company’s role in the project, Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco, explained, “With on-site training and provision of high quality feed, we can help Nigerian farmers to increase yields and operate more sustainably. Producing according to the international standards in our industry will also help them in gaining access to international markets.”

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